"How To Convert Heart-Centered Conversations Into Clients!"

You Can Get All The Clients You Want Doing What You Love In A Business Fully Aligned With Your Spirit!

Does every client-getting technique you've tried feel like it's repelling clients and offending your Spirit?

Imagine returning to a place of certainty - knowing your Divine purpose to transform people's lives - and knowing exactly what to say and which steps to take to inspire people to recognize the results and transformation possible for themselves as a result of working with you - in turn, while making a massive impact and generating the exponential abundance you desire and deserve.

As a heart-centered coach, healer or spiritual entrepreneur, it's critical for you to create a business that flows and grows in a way that is in full integrity with your beliefs and values...

A business that allows you to:​

Create a pipeline of clients to fill your practice, programs, services and events.

Easily share the results, outcome and transformation of your offers that results in spirit-enriched conversations that convert into ideal high-paying clients.

Easily generate income on a regular, consistent basis!

If you're like me, you are repelled by the traditional hard-core masculine approach to Sales and Marketing.

Spiritually-aligned coaches, healers and entrepreneurs come from a more embracing, authentic, heart-centered approach...an approach that will ensure you consistently attract new clients in alignment with you, whenever you want.

This Is Exactly What I Want To Show You Step By Simple Step.

And you get to customize the process to fit you, your Spirit and your values, which will give you the greatest possible results!

There is no reason you can't easily create 2x, 3x or even 4x your investment in this program right away when you follow the system.

Over the years, I've been teaching versions of my Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets to my private clients and in larger certification programs with fantastic results.

So I'm super excited to be able to offer this comprehensive streamlined system for creating consistent income in your business month after month. ​

This has been my best year yet in my business! I more than doubled my client base. I increased my coaching fees
and had new clients
signing up for my new six-month package in an easy breezy fashion. I attribute my success to Eva's coaching and Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions approach to attracting more clients, as well as her spiritual approach to connecting with my ideal clients. I LOVE her guided meditations! It was the best investment I've ever made in a coaching program and a coach. This was the first time my investment in a coach and coaching program helped me significantly grow my business. Abundant gratitude in my heart for you, Eva! Thank you!

Maria Lesetz

So happy to report I added twelve new clients...Yes, twelve! I accepted this play date with Eva and all you fab peeps two weeks ago. Oh. My. Word. Thank you, Eva! I love you! 

Janick Lemiuex

Here's An Overview Of What You'll Be Learning...

  •  The astonishing power of aligning with Spirit for attracting and converting high-paying clients in a way that is joyful, fulfilling and impactful.
  •  My #1 Mindset Mastery Formula™ for embracing your value and worth and easily getting paid what you are worth.
  •  My 5-Star Client Creation Process™ so you are crystal clear on who your Divine Market and Ideal Client is.
  •  My sure-fire formula for positioning you and your services in way that clearly communicates the value of what you have to offer in a way that your Divine Market can see it easily.
  • How to use Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions to generate income in just about every revenue stream in your business to ensure regular, consistent income, month in and month out. 
  • My proven strategy for pre-qualifying people for your Breakthrough Sessions that eliminates those not ready, not a match or who cannot pay so you are always speaking to the right people at the right time.
  • How to structure your Breakthrough Sessions for maximum impact and value.
  • How to effectively name your Breakthrough Sessions that resonate with your Divine Market and has them eager to apply.
  • What you must include in your Breakthrough Sessions and what you absolutely must not include in order to create the most impact.
  • 8 easy ways to generate Breakthrough Sessions, even when you're not allowed to 'sell' from the stage or telesummit.
  • The #1 element you must include in your Breakthrough Session offer to ensure you reach your ideal clients in your Divine Market.
  • The most effective way to generate Breakthrough Sessions at live networking events.
  • The very best times to offer Breakthrough Sessions to support your business and lifestyle
  • How to use my proven enrollment system where you'll be taken by the hand and walked through every single step of the process from identifying your ideal clients to enrolling your ideal clients from a place of service, not selling, so you won't have to second guess anything, freeing you to simply be you!
  • How to communicate the results, outcome and transformation you deliver that converts your conversations into clients consistently
  • When to share your fees and what to do if someone asks you early in the session.
  • How to make your ideal client's decision to work with you an easy decision.
  • How to handle large numbers of folks interested in having a breakthrough session with you so you're always talking to the right people at the right time
  • How to have folks already primed to work with you when they come to the Breakthrough Session with you.
  • How to easily create a simple year-long marketing plan that includes Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions that will allow you to relax knowing you've set yourself up for regular consistent income rather than worrying about where your next client is coming from or how you will generate money this month.
  • How to create a powerful Referral Reward System™ for creating a steady stream of referrals already sold on working with you!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. I have attracted fifteen new Reiki clients in the past three weeks and have four students already booked into my first Reiki class. Very excited! Working with my clients just makes my heart sing! Much love and gratitude.

Kerrie MacDonald

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up To Win

  1. Setting you up to win! An overview of what will be covered over the course of the program. 
  2. A special energetic journey for connecting with your Divine Market to get specific answers on how you  can best serve them.
  3. How to successfully grow your business with simple, spiritually-aligned conversations that feel authentic, honest and fun for you.
  4. An overview of the eight places you can find your Divine Market, so you know where to find those who are ready for the services you have to offer at any given time.
  5. Specific ways you can use Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions to grow and sustain your business on a regular, consistent basis.
  6. An overview of the key components of my proven Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions process.
  7. And much more...

My work with Eva both privately and in her group programs has been the #1 reason my spiritual livelihood moved beyond 'just a dream' into a growing, empowered energy-healing practice that has helped more than 180 people in just two years. The Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions were truly the key to client manifestation. At first, when I did live events, I would have perhaps one or two people start working with me afterwards. But once I began inviting people into Breakthrough Sessions after events, my results skyrocketed. In the live events I've led since I started doing Breakthrough Sessions, I've had about 85-90% of attendees request a Breakthrough, and from the sessions, more than 80% have become clients! Thank you, Eva!

Susan Sinclair

Module 2: Learn Step By Step How To Convert A High Percentage of Your Prospects Into Ideal Clients

  1. The most important step you need to take before you ever get on a Breakthrough Session with anyone
  2. The step-by-step process for delivering fulfilling Breakthrough Sessions in detail so you are clear on exactly how to hold heart-centered conversations that convert into clients
  3. The power of asking specific questions so that your potential client easily sees your value and tells you the value of what you have to offer rather than you having to tell them
  4. The perfect time to discuss the investment for your program or service and exactly what to say if someone asks you about the investment before that time.
  5. Simple, but powerful ways to make it easy for your potential client to say yes to you
  6. Among other valuable information...

I knew about a year ago that it was time for me to revamp my programs and the way I offer services. The Spirit Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets program has taken me even deeper than I imagined it could. It has changed the way I view myself and my clients, offering wonderful support and insight into what I truly desire to offer others. Thank you for programs such as this, and the general support you give us all as we transform our businesses and lives.

Julie Melville

Module 3: From Energy Alignment and Mindset to Successful Breakthrough Session Design

  1. #1 Mindset Mastery Formula to get you in the perfect mindset for delivering powerful breakthrough sessions every single time
  2. How to shift your energy from negative to positive within seconds!
  3. A simple, yet powerful exercise for experiencing dynamic self-confidence prior to developing, designing and delivering your breakthrough sessions or prior to any event where you want more self-confidence in order to be of the greatest possible service to others
  4. How to create powerful breakthrough session titles that have your potential clients eager to apply for a session with you right away
  5. How to design and package your breakthrough sessions so that your ideal clients feel you are speaking directly to them
  6. What to include in your response email when someone applies for a breakthrough session with you so that they are already leaning towards working with you
  7. Exactly what you need to include in your breakthrough sessions and what not to include in order to have the most effective sessions possible
  8. How to easily respond to objections to support your potential client in gaining the clarity they need in order to say yes to you. An objection is not a rejection but a request for more information.
  9. The power in taking a stand for your potential client when they are afraid to take a stand for themselves
  10. When to reward your potential client for making a fast action decision on the phone and when to allow your potential client some time to make their decision
  11. The 7-Point Bottom Line for handling common objections

With Eva on your success team, the world is your oyster! Eva is an incredible combination of inspiration and action, on both the personal and business level. With her support, I trained my brain to focus in on prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life and successfully transitioned to a full-time coaching and inner leadership consulting practice. She is a living example of how anything is possible!

Lee Ann Del Carpio

Module 4: The Most Effective Ways to Generate Breakthrough Sessions For Regular, Consistent Cash Flow

  1. The 8 quickest and easiest ways to generate Breakthrough Sessions from you to choose from regardless of where you are in your business, so you're only doing what you love
  2. The 7 points you must cover in your Breakthrough Session invitations in order to generate interest, create timeliness in response and qualify those who apply for a session with you
  3. The ideal timeframe to schedule Breakthrough Sessions so you're speaking to potential clients while they are eager to speak to you
  4. Exactly what to do and what to say when you need to schedule Breakthrough Sessions outside the 'ideal' timeframe for scheduling in order to keep the energy and excitement high for your potential clients
  5. The 4 Core Qualifying Questions you must include in your Breakthrough Session invitations in order to ensure you are always and only talking to the right people at the right time
  6. My super simple, super effective process for separating out the Highly Qualified applicants from the Unqualified applicants and everything in between and what to do with them
  7. How to automate the Breakthrough Session process on your website
  8. Hands down, the most effective use of your time when networking or attending live events for generating Breakthrough Sessions
  9. Where to find the ripest fruit for Breakthrough Sessions who are most likely to invest with you - and they are right in your own back yard!
  10. How to have quality prospects lining up to have a Breakthrough Session with you from speaking events live or online
  11. The most effective moment to offer your Breakthrough Sessions when speaking live or online
  12. The absolute worse time to offer Breakthrough Sessions when speaking live or online
  13. How to easily generate Breakthrough Sessions even if you have a small list or no list at all to generate income quickly

I experienced a 20% increase in my list, began offering teleclasses one per month, systematized my business and got five new paying clients!

Kamala Murphey

Module 5: How To Create A Steady Flow Of Income and Eliminate The Pattern Of Feast Or Famine Once And For All

  1. An effective planning process for scheduling Breakthrough Sessions year round to create a steady stream of income so you feel safe and secure
  2. A simple but powerful way to plan and track the success of your Breakthrough Sessions and income on a weekly basis
  3. How to get back on track when Breakthrough Session results begin to fluctuate so that you're always getting the most from your Breakthrough Session opportunities
  4. How to leverage your Breakthrough Sessions in order to maximize your income and even fill upcoming programs before they are announced
  5. How to know when it's time to raise your fees and by how much.
  6. How to help potential clients easily understand the value of their investment with you when money is not the focus of your Breakthrough Session

I am much better at bringing on clients, and more comfortable with charging higher fees… I now see and truly believe in my value as a coach and I am able to articulate that value to my clients AND I’m making more money. I doubled my income over the last two months…

Mary Ann Bailey

Module 6: Tying Up Loose Ends and
Pulling It All Together

  1. The secret power of using a questionnaire for folks applying for a Breakthrough Session that has them pre-qualifying themselves for your program(s)
  2. The two schools of thought on whether to post your fees on your website or not and what I strongly recommend
  3. One of the most overlooked methods for growing your business that is one of the easiest to implement and extremely effective for attracting clients
  4. An easy hand-off way to get your Breakthrough Sessions scheduled so you or your assistant aren't spending lots of time trying to fit folks into your schedule, freeing you to focus on what you do best while you fill your Breakthrough Session slots automatically

You coached me on determining my worth and the value of what I offer my clients. As soon as I did that, the lightbulb came on and I immediately raised my fees without batting an eye.

Lisa Van Allen

Done-For-You Resource Materials

  • Special Divine Market MP3 Journey Where You Connect With Your Divine Market
  • Spirit-Enriched™ Positioning Questionnaire
  • Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session™ Template Overview
  • Detailed Step-By-Step Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session™ Process
  • Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session™ Checklist
  • The Circle of Confidence Exercise For Increasing Self-Confidence
  • #1 Mindset Mastery Formula™
  • Sample Breakthrough Session Titles
  • Common Objections and How to Handle Them
  • Strategies For Having Clients Already Leaning Towards Working With You Before They Get On A Session With You
  • Sample Thank You Email When Someone Applies For A Breakthrough Session
  • Breakthrough Session Core Qualifying Questions
  • Breakthrough Session Email Checklist
  • Live Speaking Checklist
  • Live Speaking Handout Form
  • Online Speaking Checklist
  • Website Opt In Checklist
  • Key Elements Of Email Invitations
  • Sample Breakthrough Session Email Invitations
  • Ways To Generate Breakthrough Sessions Checklist
  • Blank Breakthrough Session Tracking Form
  • Sample Breakthrough Session Tracking Form
  • Marketing Activities Checklist
  • Sample Marketing Activities Calendar
  • What To Do When Results Change Checklist
  • 5-Star Client Creation™ Process
  • 5-Star Client Creation™ Process Example
  • Creating An Energetic Connection To Your Divine Market Through The Shimmering Light Network of Humanity MP3
  • Referral Reward System™ Checklist
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Transcripts of All Classes

Special Bonus!

6 Full Months of Live Q&A Coaching and Mentoring Calls With Eva
($1,000.00 Value)

You'll have a full 6 months of live Q&A coaching and mentoring calls with Eva the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month so you can get your questions answered and get coached long after the program has finished for additional support.

    Additional Surprise Bonus!

    Wealth Mastery For Attracting 5-Star Clients
    ($1,000.00 Value)

    Wealth Mastery is the breakthrough program for learning how to infuse wealth attraction strategies into your daily marketing and business practices

    Here's your opportunity to learn:

    • My 5-Star Client Creation Process to attract all the ideal clients you want.
    • Why what most people have told you about marketing before doesn't matter.
    • How to debunk the myths like "I have to work long and hard to be successful" or that "I can't afford that" or "they'll never pay that".
    • What wealth attraction strategies have to do with your marketing strategy and how you choose to communicate value to your ideal clients.
    • How to blast through the roadblocks of resistance to claim the results you have been seeking.
    • How to recognize and let go of poverty thinking.
    • How to get rid of the belief that you don't have enough money to do the things you want.
    • How to erase your limiting beliefs about money forever.
    • And so much more!

    Here's what you will receive when you access your Wealth Mastery Program:

    • 4 Jam-Packed mp3 sessions you'll want to listen to over and over and keep them in your success library for years to come.
    • Printed transcripts of all 4 audios. Great to skim through and make notes in while you listen and re-listen.
    • Your Wealth Mastery for Attracting 5-Star Clients Workbook. This is yours to print out and make notes in, to continue with your learning.
    • Special Wealth Attraction Checkbook to use in the Wealth Attraction Abundance Game!

      Exclusive VIP Full-Pay Bonus!

      Customized Breakthrough Session
      Marketing Plan
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      Receive a private 1-on-1 VIP Call with Eva to lay out your customized Breakthrough Session Marketing Plan for attracting your Ideal Clients! This is normally reserved for her high-end Inner Sanctum program members and her VIP clients who pay as much as $30,000 to work with her at this level. Yours for free when you choose the full-pay option!

      In Summary, Here's What You'll Receive:

      When you join the program, each week a new module will be activated in your Members Area and notification will be emailed to you.  Here's what you'll be receiving over the course of the program...

      1. Six Complete Audio Sessions of the Entire Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets Program: Complete audio session mp3's will be available in a secure members area for easy access so you can download them to listen to them at your convenience any time, anywhere.
      2. Downloadable Transcripts of All Six Sessions: Complete PDF transcripts will be available along with the audio sessions in your secure members area where you can download them, print them out and access them for easy reference.
      3. Downloadable Done-For-You Resources: You'll receive access to all Eva's amazing templates, including her step-by-step Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session System process, exercises for shifting your mindset and self-confidence, strategies, marketing plan template, email templates, offer templates, sign-up forms, checklists and tracking sheets so you'll know exactly what to do and when.
      4. Private Facebook Forum for Members of the Program: Here's where you can keep the movement forward and the momentum alive! You'll be invited into the forum where you'll be able to interact with other participants in the program as you share ideas, get support and create community!
      5. SPECIAL BONUS: 6 Months Live Q&A Coaching & Mentoring Calls ($1,000.00 Value) Receive 6 full months of live Q&A coaching and mentoring calls with Eva for added support.
      6. ADDITIONAL SURPRISE BONUS: Wealth Mastery for Attracting 5-Star Clients ($1,000.00 Value): The breakthrough program for learning how to infuse wealth attraction strategies into your daily marketing and business practices.
      7. EXCLUSIVE VIP  FULL-PAY BONUS: Customized Breakthrough Session Marketing Plan ($1,000.00 Value): Get a customized Breakthrough Session Marketing Plan ($1,000.00 Value): A private 1-on-1 VIP call with Eva. Normally reserved for her VIP Clients.

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      "The clients in your Divine Market need what only you can give them. I don't want you to miss the opportunity to make a positive impact and get well-paid for your efforts.

      I'm here to support you in that.

      Now it's up to you to say "YES" to making a difference in the lives of others while doing what you love and making phenomenal money as a result! And you can do that with heart-centered conversations that convert into clients when you learn my Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets.

      Just think. Only 1-2 clients from Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Sessions will more than pay for the program. And that's only the beginning!

      Join us today.

      I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you in your success.​"

      PS: Got questions? Shoot me an email at eva (at) coacheva.com and I'll be sure to respond to you personally!

      PPS: I want to invite you to take a minute and close your eyes. Imagine yourself one year from today. Will you still be in the same place in your business, struggling to get clients or will you have joined the hundreds of other spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and holistic practitioners who've learned to master the heart-centered conversation - aligned with your Spirit and values - that converts into clients who are eager to work with you?

      Join the Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets program today. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. With my proven step-by-step system to support you, you have a world of clients in your Divine Market just waiting for you! 

      Get Instant Access to The Spirit-Enriched Breakthrough Session Secrets Program!

      Choose the Payment Option that best suits you!

      Full Pay



      6 Monthly Payments



      If you choose the full pay via PayPal, you may qualify for PayPal Credit, be able to participate in the program right away and pay NOTHING for 6 months! US customers only.