How To Blow The Lid Off What's Possible For You And Prosperity!

What Would It Be Worth To You To...
  • Attract more of what you really want without effort, struggle or stress.
  • Identify and release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • Become a true master in the art of Attraction and make 'prosperity' your middle name.

Ready To Kick Stress, Overwhelm and Worry To The Curb...Once and For All?

At one time or another, you've probably wished that your life was easier. If only you could let resistance and contrast slide off your back like a duck and create what you want now, rather than someday, right?

I'm going to guess you've done a fair amount of personal development work on yourself, attended the personal growth workshops and seminars, read the books and even tried to apply the Law of Attraction to your life.

And maybe it helped a little.

Maybe you're a little happier, a little more successful.

And yet there is still so much more you want to experience in life...more happiness, more money, a successful business, better relationships, greater health and well-being.

And yet you still find yourself with negative feelings like worry, concern, frustration, anxiety and even anger a lot more of the time than you'd prefer.

You still find yourself struggling for so many of the good things you want in life.

You feel stuck or feel like no matter what you do, you can't quite get to where you want to be in life.​

Well, what if today was the day that everything shifted for you...for the better?

"I have so many awesome successes..."

"I have so many awesome successes...I sold my house in under 4 months, quit my job, married the love of my life, signed up for coach training, and let go of mental and physical stuff that has set me free!

Best of all I have many great things that I learned from you that I use whenever I need. My world is so much more and growing daily from my experience with your Prosperity Game!! Love you and can't thank you enough!"

- Kim Raymond

The Law of Attraction not only saved my became my life.

I thought I knew all the answers, and was on the fast track to a successful and prosperous life.

Boy was I wrong.

My life partner, Robin, and I ran a software company and it was leaking money like the proverbial sieve.

We were laying off staff, not paying ourselves in order to retain the crew we had and morale was not just low, but non-existent.

We had creditors after us personally, as well as after the business and the stress level was incredibly high.

During what seemed to by my darkest hour, I had a major a-ha moment.

I stumbled upon a universal principle called the Law of Attraction.

It was as though the light bulb came on, the fireworks went off, and I finally really got it!

Basically, the Law of Attraction says whatever you are focused on you will get more - whether wanted or not.

But what I realized is that it is the emotion – the emotional charge you have on whatever you’re focused on, that is magnetizing to you more of the same.

This was the missing component from my life!

Imagine where my focus had set up residence. "We don’t have enough funds." "We can’t make the payroll." "We’re going to lose the business."

I’d been focusing on exactly what I did not want more of in my life!

The thoughts I was repeating to myself, that focus on the lack of what I wanted was the engine, but the highly charged negative emotion I was carrying was the fuel that was magnetizing even more of what I did not want into my existence.

Moreover, I had taken it to the ultimate level, as everyone within the company was simply amping up that vibration to gargantuan proportions.

Once I grasped the principle, I felt I had nothing to lose by introducing the concept to the rest of the company.

Once I grasped the principle, I felt I had nothing to lose by introducing the concept to the rest of the company.

In order to change the vibe of the company by shifting our emotions, as a team, we created a company-wide game with a huge spreadsheet called the Prosperity Account.

The game went like this. On Day 1, $10,000 was deposited into the account and everyone in the company was asked to post to the spreadsheet how the funds would be spent. Each day the account was increased by an additional $1,000. So $11,000 was deposited on Day Two, $12,000 on Day Three, etc.

After a bit, I was surprised to see how generous people were being.

Since there was no fear of the funds dwindling, department members were making purchases for other departments besides their own.

The money in our imaginary Prosperity Account was flowing and we were actually having some fun, for the first time in a long while.

The goal of the game was to get our focus on something that felt better than where it had been for a very long time.

The experiment worked.

"You are doing a very great service as you are helping people to understand that they are the Creator of their own reality...There is great love here for you."

- Abraham Hicks - excerpt from "The Jeanna and Eva Show"

Overall, the company energy shifted and many of us began to look forward to coming to work again.

The success of the Law of Attraction actively working through the Prosperity Account was only the beginning for me.

What I have come to know is that the Universe does not know if what we are focused on is real or imaginary.

It only notices the essence of where we are focusing our energy and thoughts, and assumes it is real.

Therefore, as far as the Universe was concerned, prosperity was our reality.

The Prosperity Account exercise showed me that no matter what I spent my money on in the account that day, there would always be more in the account tomorrow.

So, I was able to stop thinking of lack and living in lack, as there was always an abundance of monetary flow.

The exercise taught me to stretch my wealth mentality, a valuable lesson that must be learned in order to allow prosperity to follow.

And follow it, I did.

Within nine months of launching the Prosperity Account exercise, we were approached to sell the company lock, stock and barrel.

We went from living from no paycheck to no paycheck (as Robin and I were not always collecting one for ourselves), to successfully selling the business for a hefty sum of money.

Why? Because we were in a good place mentally and were able to see the opportunity for what it was and act on it!

Learning about the Law of Attraction and actually experiencing how it works was one of the most transformational turning points in my life.

I learned that the difference between feeling hopeful and feeling fearful is the difference between success and failure.

Through the Prosperity Account, I found a way to grab onto thoughts that made me feel betterwhich made the key monumental shift.

If one has to choose between feeling bad and feeling good, what is the logical choice?

Seems simple. Simple – not necessarily easy – depending on your belief systems and where you have been focused over time.

Yet, it can be that simple—I just had to let go of my old way of doing things and embrace a new way.

I did it by surrendering.

Letting go of all the action we'd been taking that hadn't been working anyway. By jumping into the deep end of the LOA and surrendering the outcome TRUSTING that if LOA really does work then it had to for me in this case, if I could just keep bringing myself back to a place that felt better.

And when the company legally changed hands, Robin and I were in the Grenadine Islands on a 42 ft catamaran island hopping with friends. That is the power of the Law of Attraction.

And now, I've made it my life's work to help others like you learn to harness the energy of the Law of Attraction in your own life for good!

"I have achieved more in this last 12 weeks than I have in the last two years..."

"I am deeply grateful for the successes that I have achieved. Owing to your greatness and humanness, I have achieved more in this last 12 weeks than I have in the last two years. I have accelerated my learning process, improved my listening skills, developed a good sense of inspired action, learned to attract, purchased several homes despite the fear, created the foundation for my future passive income, and created partnerships that feel safe.

I am able to communicate effectively, regardless of emotional motivation. And not last nor least, I am coming into the knowing of what success feels like to me. I learned that I have mislabeled so much of my behavior with criticism, judgement, and interpretation. And now I am freed to see what is really there and available to be there."

- Gregory Joseph 

The Prosperity Game Home Study Course is truly an investment in your future

"This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to create." - Abraham-Hicks

As you go through the program you will learn to:

  • ​Blast through the brick walls of resistance to claim the prosperity that is your birthright.
  • Recognize and let go of poverty thinking.
  • Snap out of those old stories and turn off the mental soundtrack that diminishes your ability to attract and receive what you really want.
  • Change the focus of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Ask for exactly what you want and know it's yours for the taking.
  • Tap into a deeper, more consistent level of connection with your inner wisdom, intuition and joy.
  • Listen to your Inner Guidance to get spot-on answers and ideal next steps to create abundance and prosperity in any area of your life.
  • Create more peace, cooperation and understanding in your relationships...and attract new, satisfying relationships as well!
  • Discover the secret of sacred selflessness and how it enriches everyone's life.
  • Feel happy, excited and on top of the matter what.
  • Turbo-charge your power to attract more of what you really want without effort, struggle or stress.

Best of all, you will learn that living in abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life is only a decision away!

As you practice the daily exercises of bringing money into your life and then letting it go, you'll experience the reality of the three main principles of abundance - attracting what you want in life, enjoying it and trusting there will always be more than enough.

It's not complicated to implement what you'll be learning in the program. However, it takes 100% commitment to practice being deliberate with your thoughts and only take inspired action towards your goals, dreams and aspirations!

It's a whole new way of living, even for people who say they use the Law of Attraction in their life! 

"There is nothing like having Eva and Jeanna in your ear when you are having a bad day..."

"I am soooo lucky, because I get to be coached daily by Eva and Jeanna. I get to have their amazing energy, I get to feel and emulate their connectedness and their prosperity energy and I get to hear their wisdom daily. And I only had to pay for all this once. I will tell you, there is nothing like having Eva and Jeanna in your ear when you are having a bad day, or when you feel disconnected. And there is nothing like listening to the same rich lessons about attraction over and over again, to get all of the details about how to work attraction.

To say I truly love this home study course would be an understatement and to say that I have benefited from it immensely would be merely telling you just the beginning of my story. I can't think of money better spent than The Prosperity Game Home Study Course.."

- Rinatta Paries 

"I am making more money, keeping more of it..."

"I nearly tripled my coaching fees and have three new clients at the new fees...! They all "found" me without me really doing anything...Two others and I are doing programs that are already filling up - BEFORE we have even announced them... Nearly all of my evening commitments eliminated themselves to spend more time with my family...All my relationships are more in alignment with what I really want.

There is even more but this is the most TANGIBLE stuff. The real power I feel is in the INNER shifts. I am very grateful to our two guides, Jeanna and Eva, for their wonderful energy and BELIEF in our abilities to create new realities! I am making more money, keeping more of it and opportunities are everywhere for a lot more!"

- Sharon Wilson

"Playing The Prosperity Game brought so many small and large gifts..."

"Playing The Prosperity Game brought so many small and large gifts including: a $30,000 debt being forgiven, my son’s being very helpful around the house and doing chores without my asking (changing light bulbs, dusting ceiling fans, doing dishes and laundry, cleaning out his room ... who is this kid?), almost the whole inside of the house painted by a wonder woman for $500 (steal of a deal) ... and she is returning now to fix some drywall and paint another room (included in the original deal), my house de-cluttered and cleared after years of extreme mess by a pro organizer who is also a wizard. After years of not dating, met an interesting, kind, cute, single man without leaving home—he sold me a window and door and keeps returning for coffee(I wasn’t open to it but had decided that it is time to let that in and voila!). Got free airline tickets to visit a friend in Texas, and was invited to California to stay at a coach’s home and attend her fabulous workshop in the mountains at a serene and gorgeous monastery with fabulous food and view. And much more!"

- Kimberly Simon

"I am making more today than I ever have..."

"I'm making more today than I ever have! Money is becoming a non-issue. I am moving through my days with ease and grace and amazing things are happening as a result.

I am consistently surprised at how a reality continues to unfold that contains all of the most important elements for me, but I also continue to be delighted when it goes above and beyond - almost as if I'm being personally rewarded for my ability to feel good."

- Stephanie Yost Mentzell 

Here's What You'll Get...

Session One Audio: The Abundance Foundation

- Get clear on your destination: claim your top 3 goals.
- How to bump up your vibration with the What-If Up Game™.
- Start attracting more immediately with the Prosperity Account checkbook.

Session Two Audio: Putting Yourself First: Being in Extreme Self Care

- Why it’s imperative to put yourself first.
- How your 'selfishness' enriches the lives of others.
- The art of setting boundaries to increase prosperity.
- Your Pure Pleasure Day™!

Session Three Audio: Paving the Way to Your Dreams

- Place your order and let the Universe deliver.
- Gather your Universal Team and get them working for you … 24/7.
- The only way to write a To-Do list.
- Amp up your Attractor-Factor by being instead of doing.

Session Four Audio: Being an Extreme Creator

- Move beyond “okay” and into “amazing”.
- Our tried-and-true Dream Scene Process™ for outrageous manifesting.
- 17 seconds to manifestation.
- Get grooving with the Law of Deliberate Creation.

Session Five Audio: Changing Your Perspective to Radically Change Your Life

- How to transform any unwanted situation into an enlightened opportunity.
- How to stop resisting what is, turn judgments inside-out and break free of limited thinking.
- Liberate yourself from knee-jerk reactions, false beliefs and patterns that negatively impact your life.
- How to employ elegant and effective conflict resolution.

Session Six Audio: Creating Relationships That Flow

- The real nitty-gritty of defining and attracting perfect relationships.
- A 5-Star Creation Process™ to create 5-star relationships.
- Super short-cuts to establish harmony in all your relationships.

Session Seven Audio: Claiming Perfect Health

- Proof positive that your body always responds to your emotions.
- Choosing how you want your body to be.
- What Perfect Health is to you.
- Shortcuts to attract your own Perfect Health now.

Session Eight Audio: Raising Your Vibration

- The Focus Track™ to skyrocket your Joy-O-Meter™ off the charts!
- How to step out of your old reality and into the new.
- Find delight and delicious prosperity in Paying It Forward.
- How to use contrast to spark inspiration and appreciation.

Session Nine Audio: Choosing and Claiming

- What to do if what you want still hasn’t shown up.
- How to take control of your point of attraction.
- How to apply “The Work” to clear any energetic obstacles.
- Move beyond “acting as if” into “what must be.”

Session Ten Audio: Taking Extreme Inspired Action

- Where do inspired actions come from?
- Looking, leaping and succeeding with inspired action.
- The Abundance Technique™: 9 Steps to Outrageous Abundance.
- Why you cannot fail.

Session Eleven Audio: Relaxing ... Doing Nothing

- The essential step to manifesting what you want.
- How to stop the negative chatter around your goals and desires.
- Laying out the welcome mat for inspiration, insight and inner wisdom.
- How to let go, find peace and thoroughly enjoy your life right now!

Session Twelve Audio: Taking the Leap of Faith - Jump and the Net Will Appear

- Your Before & After Picture: Your new reality - extreme prosperity.
- How to set yourself up to win: the Picture Perfect Solution™.
- Soaring into your prosperous future.

Private Facebook Forum for Members of the Program: Here's where you can keep the movement forward and the momentum alive! You'll be invited into the forum where you'll be able to interact with other participants who are in the program or have already gone through the program as you share your wins, get support and create community with other like-minded individuals!

Live Monthly Q&A Call:​ Each month over the course of the program you'll be invited to a live Q&A call where you'll be able to ask your questions and get coaching. An audio replay will be made available in your members area within 24 hours of each live call.

Complete 90-Page Program Playbook

Your Own Prosperity Account Customizable Checks and Check Register

Bonus Interviews From The Jeanna and Eva Show Featuring:

- Bob Proctor
- Jack Canfield
- Mark Victor Hansen
- Abraham of Abraham-Hicks!

Participants have paid as much as $2500 to participate in the live 12-week Prosperity Game program! And now you can access the same transformational information and private forum for just a fraction of that investment when you join today! 

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"I almost hit my income goal of $10k per month!"

"I'm aware of and am being conscious of how to implement the Law of Attraction on a daily basis. I almost hit my income goal of $10K per month in April ($9407) and I surpassed my goal in May!

As a result of this course, I am calmer, having more fun, ecstatic throughout the day."

- Brad Warren

"I am now in week 8 of the course and blown away..."

"The Prosperity Game Home Study Course is off the charts in my opinion and has been so instrumental with the awesome amazing shifts I am seeing in my life.

I am now in week 8 of the course and blown away with how great I feel, what I know I am capable of creating, how much more comfortable I am in being me and the awesome desired results I am getting and the awesome desired results that are on their way to me now.Thank you for creating this awesome program. I think everyone should do this course!"

- Maxine Cadogan

"Being in this course has been a tremendous experience for me."

"I do what I feel like doing all the time, and do whatever it takes to feel good. That alone is transformation of the highest order!

Being in this course has been a tremendous experience for me!

I feel as if my life is decluttering, and my house seems to be following suit (one of my original goals was to declutter my house). I now have over $8000 saved up in my savings account, and the total funds available to me have increased by tens of thousands! Here's to a new lease on life!!"

- Konnie Lee

"All three of my goals manifested BEFORE the course was even over!"

"When I started this course, financially we were in the dumps! Buying groceries seemed to be a stretch. I was very hesitant to even purchase this class due to my financial situation. My goals for the course were.

1. To have a household assistant (ideally a live in au pair that is from France).
2. Romantic weekend getaways with my hubby.
3. To start my business of my passion.

I hadn't had time away from my children in over 5 years and I wanted a week alone, but didn't see how that was going to happen. Within less than a month of putting this out there I got just that and even better! I had 12 days to just me with $3000 to spend! I never thought this could be possible.

A few months later, we received an all expense paid trip for my husband and me with four nights in a great hotel, airfare and food all paid!

All three of my goals manifested BEFORE the course was even over! And since then, my husband and I have had a trip to Seattle, California, Vancouver, and lots more! Our relationship is better than ever. We still have our au pair, and my business is underway!"

- Szara Turpel

The Prosperity Game Home Study Course Is Ideal For You If:

  • You know about the Law of Attraction and you're willing to take full responsibility for your own experience and level of prosperity.
  • You're ready to let go of blame, complaining, overwhelm and excuses.
  • You're willing to make Fun Number One!
  • You want to attract a massive flow of abundance and prosperity into your life and you're ready to invest the time, energy and focus to make it happen...but without effort, control or hard work. 
  • Maybe you've had a taste of success and prosperity in your life and you're ready to bump it up another notch or two...or ten!

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • 12 MP3 Audios of the 12 Modules
  • Complete 90-Page Playbook
  • Prosperity Account Checkbook and Register
  • 4 Bonus Interviews from the "Jeanna and Eva Show"

All this now for just:

Or 6 Monthly Payments of  only $297

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"Eva and Jeanna are gifted coaches who really get the game!"

Eva and Jeanna are gifted coaches who really get the game! I will be using the tools, techniques, resources and FUN! FUN! FUN! processes they taught me for the rest of my life and I highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to cut their learning curve in half!"

- Kami Bowman

"Nothing is too big to ask for..."

"Nothing is too big to ask for. I can have anything, do anything, be anything ... there is no limit! It feels soooo good!"

- Diane Benton

"I've experienced the thrill of asking for something..."

"I've experienced the thrill of asking for something, believing it was coming, and then reveling in the total experience of it happening!"

- Laney Stevens

"My life will never be the same!"

"Thank you for helping bring realism to the whole quest for success. My life will never be the same."

- Mary Ganton
Had I not shifted my negative belief this wouldn't have happened! And it all happened in just a couple of hours!
- Emily Webber